Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PERCEIVED Escalation???

  • Parents complaining at board meetings
  • Newspaper reports on teachers being injured in classrooms
  • A weekly glass replacement bill reported to be in excess of $1,000
  • Teachers being threatened DAILY
  • Students being injured by their fellow students every single day
  • Drugs being sold IN SCHOOL with virtually no repercussions
At what point does this go from being
perceived escalation of (negative) behaviors to
actually being acknowledged and addressed head-on?

The latest marketing piece generated by the district outlines all of the programs that are in place to help support students who are struggling on a social-emotional level. What the piece neglects to mention is the limited capacity of these programs. Most teachers, social workers and staff estimate that about 5% our students are in DESPERATE need of intensive social-emotional supports. In a district with 20,000 students, this equates to a need for at least 1,000 slots

Even estimating generously,
the district has fewer than 350 slots.
Far, far, far fewer than are needed.
What happens to those kids who are falling through the cracks?

Those are the kids that "Be the Change" wants to see supported. Those are the kids who are most at risk for THE SCHOOL-TO-PRISON PIPELINE THAT NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!

Only a concerted effort from the entire community will turn this problem around - parents, grandparents, mentors, teachers, social workers, counselors, churches, concerned adults. All of us working together. Redirecting funds from padded overhead fluff to the nitty-gritty hands-on service providers. Reassessing our priorities. Creating strong boundaries and high expectations.

Right now we are painting the walls
while the building is falling down all around us.
That doesn't make sense!
We cannot afford to wait any longer!

Parents, teachers and non-supervisory SCSD staff - contact this blog to learn how you can attend our rally on March 27th.

Come be part of  the change you wish to see in the world.


  1. Not only are drugs sold within the schools, they arebeing used. It is not mentioned where students are having sex within school...I am talking middle school!

    Students that are injured are often videotaped being beat, "just because", so it can be posted on Facebook. On the same note, innocent students and staff are injured in these almost riot-created fights.

    Yes we need a change...let it begin with us taking a stand. Parents and Staff United, We Will NOT Be Defeated! BE THE CHANGE!!!!!

  2. LMFAO. Another discussion is not going to help anything. The schools do not have the funds to help anyone. To get the funds they would have to raise taxes. No one ever wants that. But how much can you get from people who don't work or only get minimum wage? Then you got parents that are horrible role models. There is no way you can fix the school system without fixing those problems first.

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  4. The elementary school I am at on the northside is out of control. Regular ed students cussing out teachers, running rampant with NO CONSEQUENCES! Special ed students threatening teachers and assaulting other students and nothing is happening to them because they are special ed. When they do this out in the real world the police WILL not care what your issue is or if you have an IEP.

    1. I agree with you about the real world. There is a child at Ed Smith that has been in my friend's child's class for some time now. This child is a constant disruption. Many, many times this child had to be restrained by the teacher. Many times this child tries to kick and hit the teacher. The child also kicks and hits parent at school. On numerous occasions this child bolts out of the classroom and runs and hides. Two years ago I believe it was this child that stabbed another student in the arm with a pencil. Would this student not be better served in a therapeutic and academic environment?

    2. I think the charter schools should educate these types of students as they are freer to be more innovative and work their magic on them. The public schools should retain all the students who are not disruptive. Basically, your charter schools would be the alternative program designed to meet the needs of the student in smaller class size, supportive environment, etc.